Developing a Board Game

Developing a Board Game takes a significant amount of time and energy.  To assist you in this endeavor, the Professor’s Lab provides a wide variety of services.  From the very beginning of your board game development journey, we offer Design Analysis as a fresh perspective on the whole of your new title…from the mechanics and theme to rules, board, cards, and gameplay.  From there, the Professor’s Lab can serve as your Editor/Proofreader for the myriad cards and pages of rules, tightening the grammar, spell checking, and ensuring the final product remains clear and cogent.  Finally, and the most important aspect of development, the Professor’s Lab provides Playtesting services for one or multiple playtests.

While the Services & Rates below provide a broad overview of costs, the Professor’s Lab has worked with designers and fellow-developers, each possessing different expectations and budgets.  When you’re ready to begin developing your game, contact us and we can take that journey together.       

Services & Rates


As an Editor/Proofreader, I’ll make and recommend edits to your rules, cards, and other written material with a focus on providing a concise and cogent final product.

Two Editor/Proofreader Options:

Option 1: 4-hr period (typically 24 pages or 60 standard cards),  plus two 30-min video-conference sessions (Zoom, Skype, etc).

Option 2: 1-hr period (6 pages or 15 standard cards).


Design Analysis

Design Analysis provides both a comprehensive review of the game, rules, and components and a multi-page analytical report, outlining strengths and areas for improvement.



Intensive series of in-person and blind playtesting for solo-to-4 player titles, including a comprehensive critique of rules and components.

Two Playtesting Options:

Option 1: 3-hr period (multiple playtests), feedback report, and two 30-min video-conference sessions (Zoom, Skype, etc).

Option 2: 1-hr period (single playtest) and formal feedback


About Us

Greetings from the Professor’s Lab!

During the past eight years, I’ve had the great opportunity to serve as a developer with amazing designers and publishers from across the U.S. and around the world, involving dozens of titles, in a variety of roles ~ Editor/Proofreader, Design Analyst, and Playtester.   

I look forward to working with you on your latest design efforts.

Contact the Professor’s Lab now and let’s get started!


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What Designers and Publishers say about the Professor’s Lab

“Joe has been a great help to us at Automa Factory by providing intensive playtesting and meticulous feedback.”

Morten Monrad Pedersen
Automa Factory

“Joe is a gentle soul, always ready to help, dedicated to delivering the best work possible.He helped revamp the rules and advanced gameplay of Until Daylight and he is currently helping us with Vampire: The Masquerade – Chapters.”

Thomas Filippi

“Joe is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people in the war gaming industry. Joe has helped me tremendously over the years to make our historical games that little touch better. I am so excited to see the Professor’s Lab and to read Joe’s new reviews and about his latest endeavors!”

Uwe Eickert – CEO
Academy Games

Joe’s team of playtesters provided me with invaluable insight, taking my game to the ‘Next Level.’

Kris Kycia
Indie Game Designer

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe for almost 10 years on The War: Europe 1939-1945, The War: Europe 1939-1945 Expansion and The War: The Pacific 1941-1945. Joe’s editing and developing work was outstanding throughout. His eye for detail is reflected in the final copy of all my designs. Any designer looking for a first-rate editor would find one in Joe Pilkus. I give him my highest recommendation.”

Ernest Copley

“Joe’s feedback as a lead playtester on Charterstone, Tapestry, and Pendulum was very helpful for Stonemaier Games!”

Jamey Stegmaier
Stonemaier Games

Contact Us

How do I get my board game reviewed or playtested by the Professor's Lab?

To start the process, click the contact button and let us know a little bit about your game.  We’ll get in touch with you to set-up an initial 15-min video conference call and we can determine if we’re a good fit for your needs.


Does the Professor's Lab require finished games or may it accept PnP versions?

We want to provide as much value to you, as possible.  To that end, it is best that you spend your development budget on editing and/or playtesting, rather than the time required for the Professor’s Lab to assemble the game. 

With few exceptions, the Professor’s Lab accepts only fully-functioning prototypes.


What happens if the rule-set is longer than the prescribed amount or the playtesting will take longer to accomplish?

The rates above are guidelines for managing expectations.If it appears as though a review or playtest will take longer (or a shorter) period of time, we’ll contact you and negotiate the rate.

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